Ecozap vision

Ecozap born in 2007 to meet the emerging needs of many consumers calling quality footwear and respectful of the environment.

Our mission is to distribute and market a wide selection of footwear committed to the planet and people

In Ecozap we have done a thorough job selection to our customers to have a wide variety of items in order to meet any need , either type of footwear , materials, colors or style. * With this we seek to make life easier responsible consumer , avoiding wasting time in search of models to meet your demand. The selection was made based on criteria of responsible consumption, ie , considering the environmental component ( commitment to the planet ) and social ( commitment to people ) , understanding the comfort and durability as part key thereof .

Therefore, we can say that Ecozap always works with footwear manufactured under sustainability criteria ( environmental and socioeconomic ) both at material used ( organic , vegan … ) and manufacturing processes (working conditions, use of renewable , proximity, etc.). use (comfort and strength) and purpose of life ( recyclability , biodegradability, etc) .
In any case these sustainability criteria are present throughout the process , beyond manufacturing , addressing both the process of marketing and distribution , as well as our own mission as a company , working to create new relationships between nature , people , production and consumption.
Thus, since our organization we want to reach our customers and suppliers the message that we are a company with a faithful environmental and social commitment a we offer products with high guarantees comfort, durability and service , all under professionalism that supports us.